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China Construction Bank Corporation, established in October 1954 and headquartered in Beijing, is a leading commercial bank in China with a world-renowned reputation. CCB was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2005 (stock code: 939) and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2007 (stock code: 601939).

With around 15,000 branches and sub-branches in Mainland China, CCB provides services to 3 million corporate customers and around 300 million personal customers and maintains close cooperative relationships with a significant number of high-end customers and leading enterprises of strategic industries in the Chinese economy. CCB maintains overseas branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, London, New York, Ho Chi Minh City, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Dubai, Taipei, Luxembourg, Macao, Toronto, Zurich, Chile and New Zealand.

China Construction Bank Corporation was registered by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as a registered bank in New Zealand on the 21st December 2017.